A Day At The Beach

“Oh lovely” Thomas said and helped mummy carry the packed bag out to the car. Soon they were on their way and Thomas hoped that maybe daddy would be able to join them later after he had finished at work. As if he had spoken out loud his mummy said “Daddy will be coming to join us later Thomas. He has a half day holiday from work!”

“Oh, brilliant!” said Thomas, “Will he bring his own lunch?” Thomas didn’t really want to share his egg sandwiches!

“No,” said mummy laughing “I’ve made some sandwiches for daddy too!”

Thomas really felt that the day couldn’t get any better.

At last they got to the beach. They spread out a blanket on the sand, and mummy lay down and got her book out to read.

Thomas got his bucket and spade and dragon out of his rucksack and started to dig.

Suddenly Thomas’s magic dragon woke up. He spread out his wings, blinked his long yellow eyes and stretched his claws wide.

“MMMmmmm,” Dragon seemed to purr contentedly. “Nothing like the warmth of the sun on a dragon’s skin. Perfect. Er, what are you doing Thomas?”

“I’m building a sandcastle of course! Look at it’s beautiful turrets! I’m going to decorate it with shells and seaweed and feathers to make it even more beautiful.”

Dragon tilted his head to one side and said “Shall we go in?”

Thomas laughed. “No, silly! It’s a sand castle! Haven’t you seen a sandcastle before Dragon?”

Dragon said haughtily. “Climb on my back Thomas and I’ll take you in – we’ll have an adventure!”

Thomas laughed again and said “I’m too big, I can’t climb on your back dragon, and if you grow big like before we’ll make my sandcastle collapse!”

Dragon said “Ok I’ll magic you small!” and suddenly Thomas began to shrink. He got small enough to climb onto Dragon’s back and Dragon called

“Hold on to my neck! Here we go!”

The Dragon spread his beautiful wings and flew straight up into the sky with Thomas clinging on until the sand castle was just below them. Then Dragon flew down and landed in the courtyard. Thomas climbed down and stood beside his Dragon.

“Wow! We really are inside the castle!” he breathed. Dragon said “Let’s explore!”

They walked along a long winding passage until they came to a large wooden door with enormous iron hinges and an enormous iron knocker. Thomas stepped forward, and knocked loudly on the door with the enormous iron knocker.

There came a loud roar from the room behind the door. “Who’s there? Who are you, what do you want?” the roaring voice shook the castle walls and Thomas put his hand on dragons neck, which helped him to feel brave, and shouted as loudly as he could,

“It’s Thomas and his dragon! What are YOU doing in my castle?”

The door opened slowly, creakily, and Thomas saw the largest, hairiest, scariest man he had ever seen in his life! He was a giant and his beard was down to his feet, and was as black as coal. His hair was as long as long could be – flowing over his shoulders,  down his back and also as black as coal. His eyebrows were huge and his little glittering eyes peered out from beneath them and glared at Thomas.

“YOUR Castle!” the Giant bellowed, “YOUR Castle? This is MY castle and I am going to have you for my dinner! That dragon would also be a nice tasty morsel, I haven’t had dragon soup for a while now!” He called for his cook, and his servants, and for his guards. The cook appeared with a big knife in his big pudgy hand, the servants came running waving their fists at Thomas and the Dragon, and the guards came stamping in carrying spears and a large net!

Dragon said,”Hop on Thomas!” Thomas needed no further telling and with a mighty leap he jumped straight onto Dragons back.

They flew up to the ceiling, and then flew in a circle around the massive room. The giant chased around in circles shouting “Come down! I want to eat you!”

Dragon said to Thomas,”Watch how I calm down large hairy giants!” and then Thomas and the Dragon flew down and Dragons fiery breath flew out of his mouth and singed the giants beard until it was really neat and tidy! Then it singed his eyebrows, and finally zooming around the puzzled giant, Dragons fiery breath neatly burned the giants hair until it was really short!

The giant put his hand up to his hair, and stroked it, then he did the same with his beard. Dragon magically produced a fine mirror from under one wing and a comb from under the other wing.

“Now, sir, if you will allow me!” The Dragon murmured, and combed the giants new haircut and the giant said, “Gosh, I don’t look fierce any more, I look very handsome!” and he did!

The cook, the servants and the guards all threw down their weapons and clapped and cheered and said the giant was the most handsome and kind giant in the world.

The giant was so pleased that people were being nice to him that he invited Thomas and the Dragon to stay and have a tour of the castle, which they did and found a wonderful room filled with soft squashy chairs and sofas made of rainbows and butterfly wings, and they were perfect for bouncing on! There were two bikes and two scooters which were just the right size for Thomas and Dragon to ride on. Best of all there was a see-saw which seesawed so high that Thomas felt the wind in his hair and he thought he could touch the sky!

When they got off the seesaw it disappeared and a table made from stars was in the room. The starry table was groaning with the most delicious chocolate cake, trifles like jewels, sausage rolls, and crisps in all Thomas’s favourite flavours. There were also some flavours which Thomas had not tasted – barnacle and seaweed flavour, green cheese and crushed crab flavour and powdered whelks with jellyfish flavour!

Dragon had his own table with a large bucket of shiny black coal on it, which was Dragon’s very favourite snack! They both tucked in and ate until they could eat no more.

It was time for Thomas and Dragon to go so the giant gave them a cup of nectar each and told them to visit any time they wanted. They had made the giant and all the people in the castle happy!

The giant gave Thomas a beautiful shell shaped like a cream horn (yum!) and a wonderful shade of shiny pink on the inside.

“Take this shell Thomas and keep it” The giant smiled kindly “just wish on the shell and you will find yourself back in my castle for another lovely visit. We will always now be friends!”

Once more Thomas climbed onto Dragon’s back and they flew out of the castle with the giant waving goodbye, and landed gently on the beach.

Mummy looked up. “Oh there you are Thomas, Daddy is on his way so it will soon be time for our picnic! What a lovely sandcastle you have made!”

Thomas looked at Dragon, who winked his long yellow eyes, and changed back into a toy.

Then Thomas quietly slipped Dragon and his magic shell into his rucksack and started to look forward to eating his egg sandwiches!

It was a lovely sunny day and Thomas’s mummy said

“Hey Thomas, why don’t we pack a picnic and go to the beach? We could build sandcastles and maybe swim in the sea!”

“Yes please mummy” Thomas was happy, and ran to find his swimming trunks, and his bucket and spade.

He picked up his toy yellow and green fire breathing dragon and put it in his rucksack with his other things.

“Are you ready Thomas?” his mummy called from the bottom of the stairs. “Come on now, I’ve made your favourite egg sandwiches and we have apples, crisps and a chocolate bar!”

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