A Day In The High Street

Thomas was amazed, and very happy.  He put the toy back into his pocket and continued his walk, looking into the bright windows of the shops as he passed.

Suddenly he heard a loud scream. A large scruffy man was rushing out of a jewellers shop clutching a cloth bag in one hand and with his other hand full of golden necklaces, beautiful rings and bracelets all glinting in the morning sun! A lady was standing in the doorway of the jeweller’s shop shouting “Stop thief! Stop that man!”

Thomas reached for his dragon and whispered “Dragon dragon!”

Whoosh! The dragon was beside Thomas and was now as big as a man! Thomas shouted, “Stop the Thief!”

Dragon immediately flew into the air and swooped along the High Street until he saw the jewellery thief still running through the scared shoppers. Dragon dived down and caught the thief in his claws and lifted him high into the air. The strange sight of a green and yellow dragon carrying the thief back to the lady in the jewellery shop made all the people cheer!

Dragon dropped the robber at Thomas’s feet, and Thomas took the jewels and the bag away from him and returned everything to the grateful lady.

“Oh, Thank you, thank you!” she gasped to Thomas, who then said “Thank you” to his dragon.

Dragon gave a fierce roar and breathed a fiery breath. “What do you have to say?” he looked at the robber who was looking very scared and said “I will never rob anyone ever again”.

Dragon looked at Thomas. “Shall I breathe on him with my fiery breath Thomas?”

Thomas thought for a moment. “I think he should say sorry to the lady” he said, as the shop lady was looking very cross with the robber.

“Well?” roared the Dragon,”We’re waiting!”

“I am very sorry Madam, I’ll never do it again and I’m sorry to have caused you and Thomas and his dragon so much trouble”

The shop lady nodded at Thomas and said to the robber “I should think so too!”

“Alright” said Thomas to the robber, “You can be on your way”

Then he turned to the dragon and said “Thank you dragon” and patted him on the neck. Dragon blushed a lovely shade of pink and smiled a soppy smile,

“Glad to be of service, Thomas” Dragon said, changing back into a toy and sitting on Thomas’s hand.

Thomas slipped the little dragon into his pocket and continued his walk along the High Street of his home town.

Thomas was walking along in the High Street of his home town and he was thinking hard. He pulled his small green and yellow dragon out of his pocket and looked at it.”I wish I could have a real dragon” he thought, “I would be really kind to it and it would be my pet”.Then something very odd happened.

The little dragon shook his wings, opened his eyes and looked at Thomas.”Are you Thomas who wished for a real dragon?”Thomas nodded and whispered “Yes!”Dragon smiled and said “I am a magic dragon Thomas, and I will be your pet. When you need me, just say “dragon dragon” and I will come.” Then dragon closed his eyes and changed back into a toy.

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