Alice and Mickey Go to the Seaside

He said his little rhyme three times to himself, because he was enjoying it so much, when he suddenly realised that he was alone! Alice and Mummy and Daddy had gone! Mickey jumped down from the fence and looked around. Everyone had gone, the railway station was empty! Mickey felt sad and worried that Alice might be sad too, then he decided to make a plan. But first, he would do some exploring! Mickey turned back and squeezed through the railings of the fence. The grass was long on the other side so Mickey had to push hard to get through it. Soon, the grass gave way to sand, soft and warm on the soles of his feet. “Mmm, this must be the seaside!” Mickey thought, and his little beady black eyes shone with excitement.

Just then a large seagull flew over and landed beside Mickey.

“Hello” said the seagull, “What are you? Can I eat you?”

Mickey gulped, and said in a stern voice “I am Mickey the Brave, I have come to see the seaside, and I will not allow you to eat me!”

“Okay” said the seagull. “Would you like a lift to the sea?”

“Yes please” said Mickey, and the seagull lowered his wing, told Mickey to climb up onto his back and hold on tight.

Mickey felt scared as the seagull soared up higher and higher into the sky, so he made up another little rhyme to make him brave.

“Mickey the Brave flew higher and higher

On the back of a seagull up into the sky-er!”

He only had time to sing his little rhyme twice before the seagull landed with a thump on the golden sand. Mickey slid down off the seagull’s back and stood with his hands on his hips looking around.

“Thank you very much, Mr Seagull!” He said to the seagull, who squawked and flew away to tell his flock about his strange little passenger.

It was a wonderful sight. The sea was blue, the sand was golden and there were families all around enjoying the day. Suddenly a little boy pounced on Mickey, lifting him up and calling to his parents “Look what I’ve found!” He ran up the beach to a bright red beach shelter and threw Mickey at his dad. Dad caught Mickey and said “Where did you find him, Jonathan?”

“Over there, a seagull dropped him!” Jonathan declared, “I found him! Can I keep him?”

Dad thought for a moment, then said “Of course you can Jonathan. Now go and play, and let us read our books.”

Jonathan walked across the sand tossing Mickey up and down as he went. Mickey closed his eyes then, when he felt himself once more thrown up into the air, he opened his arms wide and flew away behind a sand dune!

Jonathan looked around, shrugged his shoulders and gave up looking. Mickey breathed a sigh of relief. He needed to get back to Alice now, he’d had enough excitement for one day!

It was a beautiful sunny day in May and Alice was going to the seaside with Mummy and Daddy. Everywhere Alice went, Mickey came too, so Alice took care to hold him tightly in her arms as the family walked the short distance to the railway station where they were going to catch a train to take them on their journey. How exciting! Alice hugged Mickey and whispered to him “We’re going on a train!” Mickey felt very excited too, and he smiled a Mickey smile and snuggled into Alice’s arms.The train was late so Mummy sat down on a bench to wait and Daddy and Alice walked over to the fence to look at the sea.

“The sea! Can we go in the sea Daddy? Please?” Alice jumped up and down, and Daddy laughed and said “Yes. But first we have to go on the train which will take us a bit closer.”

Then they heard a loud rushing noise and the train arrived! “Quick!” shouted Mummy, “Come on!” Daddy and Alice hurried over to Mummy and they all jumped onto the train and the guard shut the door with a clatter. Then they were off – slowly at first and then faster and faster as they rushed through the English countryside.

Mickey was sitting on the top of the fence enjoying the view and softly saying a little rhyme to himself.

“Mickey and Alice went to the sea

And what did they see?

They saw the sea!”

Mickey took a look around and saw a little girl playing in the sand with a bucket and spade. Lying on the sand beside her was a plump teddy bear dressed in swimming trunks and sunglasses. Mickey crept over and prodded the teddy bear in the tummy.

“Hello Mickey!” growled the teddy bear, “What are you doing out on your own? Have you lost your family?”

“No,” said Mickey firmly “I am Mickey the Brave and I’m having an adventure. Now it’s time to find my way back to the railway station as it is soon time to go home. Can you help me?”

The teddy bear thought for a moment then said, “Hop into this bag, we’ll be off soon and I’ll tell you when we reach the fence.”

Mickey didn’t hesitate. Teddy Bear let Mickey climb onto his tummy then bounce up and into the bright beach bag. The family started packing up their things, and they threw Teddy into the bag on top of Mickey. The father said, “Right come on everyone, home for tea!” and they all started walking up the golden sand away from the sea.

Mickey looked out over the top of the beach bag and it wasn’t long before Teddy whispered, “Are you ready? Wait for my signal, then over you go!”

Mickey nodded shook paws with Teddy then Teddy growled “Go!”

Mickey jumped over the side of the beach bag and landed in the grassy tufts beyond the beach. Teddy looked out of the bag, pointed in the direction of the railway station  and growled “That way – Good Luck Mickey!”

Mickey gave Teddy a cheery wave, called “Thanks, Teddy” and set off towards the fence. Suddenly there it was, right in front of him! Mickey gave a little sigh of relief and squeezed through the railings. The station was getting busy, the train must be due! Mickey looked around and saw an old woman with a kind face. She was alone and walking slowly leaning on a stick. Mickey threw himself forward and lay on the ground in front of the old lady. “My my, what have we here?” she muttered softly bending down and picking Mickey up gently. “You look very well loved, my boy, some child will be missing you!” Mickey nodded and looked sadly at the old lady. “Right, you come with me!” she said, walking more quickly and purposely towards the lost property office.

There, just in front of the brightly painted hut was Alice! Mickey wriggled with excitement but the old lady kept him firmly in her grip. “Hello, I have found a Mickey Mouse on the ground over by the seats, I think a child may have lost him” the old lady said loudly to the man in the lost property office. “Oh, yes!” shouted Alice “I dropped him, he’s my Mickey!” Daddy held Alice’s hand and talked to the old lady and to the man in the office and the old lady bent down and smiled. “Here you are then, I’m glad to have found you.” “Oh, my Mickey!” Alice let a little tear trickle down her cheek and said softly “Thank you” to the old lady. Then she beamed with joy and hugged Mickey tightly. “I’ve had a lovely time at the seaside but it would have been better with you there too,” then she whispered “I won’t ever leave you behind again.” Mickey wriggled and  snuggled into Alice’s arms and sighed sleepily, “I wasn’t lost, and I’ve had a lovely adventure. But it’s so nice to be home.”

Alice and Mummy and Daddy all got on the train and Alice and Mickey fell fast asleep and Daddy had to carry them home tired and very happy to be together again.

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