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Copyright © 2011 - Angela E Brooks

About Me


Just when I think it’s safe to go outside

I see a crow on a hay bale

What’s it doing there?

Are its beady eyes

Watching me?

Do crows get crow’s feet from laughing

At ridiculous ideas on the bale?

Do they give baleful looks

At marauding rooks?

Do they shoot arrows

At sparrows?

The behaviour of crows is a thing of concern

They cackle and crow

Fly in gangs.

They gossip and natter

At who knows what

Or why.

Their shifty ways, their endless snooping

Their stealing of eggs from nests

Eating the unhatched

Babes in the wood


Under a watch of nightingales

A Parliament of owls

Looks into the crimes

As midnight chimes

On the sins of a MURDER of crows