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About Me

The Green Beginner Comes

Relishing the softness of the hotel bed, the richness of the cloud-like duvet, the feather pillows, I gazed sleepily around the unfamiliar space. A wall of curtaining faced me, so I slipped out of my glorious nest, walked barefoot across the deep pile carpet and opened the curtains. The morning was bright and sunny and the sky a clean, clear blue. Getting back into the bed, I sat back against the pillows and waited. It didn’t take long. A shaft of sunlight appeared in front of my eyes, falling from North West down to the floor of the balcony just outside my room. My heart began to pound, and the tension within my body caused my stomach to tighten. What would they ask of me this time? Would I be able to do as they ask? I could not afford to fail this latest task.

I closed my eyes and the task became clear. It was written on the back of my eyelids. They never used the same method twice, this time I could not escape.

Rise. Dress. Leave this place. Look for the Green Beginner. We will be watching.

I did as instructed and dressed and left my nest and my room. Outside was dazzling, hot. Automatons patrolled the street with all seeing eyes. I closed my eyes and read my further instructions.

Travel North. Keep a straight path. Do not deviate. Do not stop.

Once again I followed the instructions and as I travelled North the Automatons watched me, and two broke away and began to follow me. I quickened my pace. It made no difference, they simply matched my speed, following me from the same distance whether I slowed or quickened my step. After travelling 50 kilometres I saw a light in the distance. As I neared the light began to change, shimmering green in the bright day. I wanted to stop, to assess, to think. I found I could not, my limbs had been taken over and I was now being driven by another power. Striding forward, I could see the green shimmering object begin to take form. Immensely tall and drifting like smoke it towered above me and it’s whispering voice was terrifying.

I am the Green Beginner, the beginner of our world on Earth. You have come, and you now belong to me. We will triumph here as we have triumphed in every place. Open your mind and let me in!

I closed my eyes and screamed “NO” as loudly as I could. I knew if I refused they could do nothing, but I was unprepared for the fight which ensued. My limbs began to tremble and shake violently, my mind shut down all light and could see only darkness. My body was wracked with pain, as if one thousand needles were used against me, as if one thousand hammers were pounding me, as if I would not survive this terrible attack. I called on my Masters to  “HELP ME!” I closed my eyes and saw the instruction.

You have achieved level 3. Continue, you will have your reward.

I writhed in pain and misery. What was Level 3? What would I do now? I kept my eyes wide open, reluctant to view further instructions on my inner eyelids. Suddenly there was a deafening roar and the Green Beginner began to fade.


My body slumped as the pain subsided and I felt my limbs return to me. This was my most difficult task, and I had yet to face the next instalment. Falling back I waited. I did not have to wait long. A voice hissed in the air around me.

Onward, there is much to be done.

I rose to my feet and raised the question – What is my purpose? What is my duty?

The hissing grew louder.

You are the Saviour, you have defeated the Green Beginner, now you must prepare to confront the Red Destroyer. You must not fail in this task, the whole of mankind depends on you. We have sent our soldiers to assist, but they will act only if you call on them. The burden of the confrontation lies with you. If you call you will have failed. There is no going back.

I started to walk. Must get away. I heard music, the opening bars of Beethoven’s Ninth. I threw my shoulders back and raised my chin. Striding forward to the rhythm of the music I soon covered many miles – then I saw it, the sunset! The sky was turning crimson, masking the blue, chasing away the clouds. I walked towards the wonderful colour until I was engulfed within it. I became at one with the sunset and the music grew louder and reached it’s crescendo. The cymbals crashed, the drums thundered, I lay on my back on the ground and surrendered to the scene.

I  raised my head and looked down over my supine frame. Red as blood. I stood. Shook my head to clear the blackness within. Gazed about me. The whole of the world as I saw it was red as blood. The pain of all the war of creation came upon me. All the suffering of the world was my suffering, I moaned aloud.

What is this?

 Then I knew. I had to paint the sky, the seas, the earth, the trees. I had to return the blue. With a wild sweep of my arms I swept the red to the corners of my sight, I pushed the red into the oceans until it had sunk without trace. I faced the sun, and pulled its rays until it slipped below the horizon and all that was left was a memory of the redness. Then I turned to the forests and the woods, the meadows and lees, the deserts and the mountains. To each, with a sweep of my magical arms, I returned their natural colours. The unbearable pain of the warlike past faded and faded until it too became just a memory. The world became bright, blue in the sky and green on the earth. I had done it! I closed my eyes.

You have prevailed, you may now return to your world.

The message on my inner eyelids was plain. I had survived. I opened my eyes slowly and returned to my home planet. Into the Blue.