Helping Santa

Thomas quickly pulled on his dressing gown and wellington boots, and rushed outside to help.

Santa was staggering to his feet calling “Here, here! Rudolf lad, what’s happened? Look at my sleigh – it’s going to have to go in to the gnomecare garage – how can we deliver these presents now?”

Rudolf’s antlers drooped sadly and his red shiny nose was dull. “Sorry Santa, I took that last bend a bit too fast, should have known better – especially after last year!”

“Don’t remind me!” Santa groaned “That was because you’d had too many carrots and got a tummy ache! What was it this time?”

“Oh, Dasher and Dancer were messing about, trying to do that Gangnam thing that’s gone stratospheric. I told them not to, but they were practising for the New Years Eve party. Oh, and Donner and Blitzen were having an argument about whose antlers were the largest – and…….”

“Stop! No telling tales!” Santa said in a stern voice, “we must think about what we’re going to do – we can’t stay here, we’ve got work to do!”

Thomas hurried down his garden and called “Santa, do you need some help?”

“Well, well! It’s Thomas isn’t it? How do you do!” Santa beamed a big smile and his rosy cheeks shone. “We could use some help, we seem to have crashed our sleigh!”

Thomas shouted out “Dragon, Dragon!” and there was a flap of scaly wings, and a rush of fiery breath and a beautiful green and yellow dragon appeared by Thomas’s side. “Santa has crashed his Christmas sleigh and needs help to deliver all the children’s presents before morning,” Thomas explained, and Dragon’s long yellow eyes blinked as he lowered his scales to make a stairway, and spread his wings to make a carrier for the sleigh. The reindeer stopped chewing mum’s bushes and used their antlers to help pile all the presents back onto the sleigh. Then Dragon blinked at the sleigh and it moved gently upwards until it was settled onto the dragon’s wings carrier.

Thomas and Santa and all the reindeer then climbed up the scaly stairway and, with Thomas leaning over Dragon’s neck, they flew higher and higher until they were up among the Christmas stars. Santa got his list out, put his spectacles on the end of his nose and directed Dragon to all the good children’s houses where he would carefully pick up the correct present and climb down the scaly staircase and then down the chimney to leave the parcel, drink the sherry, eat the mince pie and bring the carrot up to the reindeer. By the time the sky started to grow pink with the dawn light, all the Christmas presents had been delivered to all the world’s boys and girls. Dragon flew Santa and the sleigh and all the reindeer home to the North Pole.

Santa’s nose was almost as red as Rudolf’s with all the excitement (and the sherry!) as he smiled broadly and said, “Thank you so much Thomas and Dragon, we could not have managed without you. All the boys and girls will have a happy Christmas thanks to your kindness! Please come to our party on New Years Eve, it will be such fun.”

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf all waved their antlers and chorused “Oh, do come Thomas and Dragon, it will be even more fun if you are there!” and they rattled their antlers and stamped their hooves and Rudolf’s nose shone like the brightest star in the sky as Thomas climbed up the scaly staircase calling out “Byeee! Happy Christmas! We’ll see you at the party!”

Dragon breathed out a beautiful flame and nodded his huge head in agreement, and the two friends flew at supersonic speed to get back to Thomas’s house for Christmas Day. There at the end of Thomas’s bed was a Christmas stocking filled with presents from Santa, and best of all there was the most wonderful, fantastic, brilliant monster fighting sword in the world!

It was Christmas Eve and Thomas was very excited. He had written to Santa promising to be good, enclosed a list of things he would like for Christmas (including a fantastic monster fighting sword) and sent it to Lapland with a special Christmas stamp on it. Thomas HAD been good – even clearing up his toys, and getting himself ready for school with no fuss!

Thomas was in bed but couldn’t sleep, so he knelt up and looked out of the window at the stars. It was a lovely clear night, bright with the light from the moon which glinted on the dusting of frost on the garden lawn and bushes. Suddenly Thomas saw something travelling very fast across the sky then falling, falling, falling down until it crashed in Thomas’s back garden spilling it’s cargo all across the grass! It was Santa’s sleigh, and all the parcels for the world’s children were all over the lawn, and so were the nine reindeer who were all struggling to their feet and beginning to eat mum’s bushes!

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