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Copyright © 2011 - Angela E Brooks

About Me


You said you needed space -

So I gave you space.

Made a space in my mind

Made a space in my heart

There was a you shaped space at my table

And a space shaped like you

By my side.

My hands clutched at the

Shadow of you standing in the doorway

Lurking in the hall.

My eyes blurred with looking for you

Only to see you everywhere.

In a world of chatter and noise

I heard silence, and all my words to you

Went unsaid.

I think I went a little crazy

When all I wanted was you.

My universe was darkened to a twilight world

While you found your place at

Someone else's side.

Now here's the thing. Your new love soon

Needed space, and you found you had a space

At your side.

No place to hide. No place to hide.

Then you came back to me for comfort

But the space I had for you was gone,

There's nothing here for you now.

How can your space be recreated

When you shook it off so freely,

And now it's gone.

We are gone. We are no more.

We are travelling on different paths

Towards different horizons,

And different space.