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About Me

An African Dream

Don’t Look Back

No Going Back

Here are some stories for you to enjoy.

Jackson and Chloe accidentally slip through the veil and find themselves in a harsh and frightening future. Can they find the time tunnel before it’s too late?
A futuristic adventure written for the 2015 Redcliffe Project and published in five parts around various locations in central Bristol, accessed by QR Codes and shown directly on your mobile phone or tablet.

Frank’s dream of exploring David Attenborough’s Africa, which he watches unceasingly in his little bedsit in London. Can Marlene help him to achieve his dream?

A dark time travel adventure in which Sam travels through Fairytale lands trying to find his way home.

The Green Beginner Comes

A nightmare game to end all games in the race to save the planet.

My short story publications
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The Guardian Angels Wives Club

Eileen and Maura find a novel way to change their lives and improve the lives of other women in a small Irish town.