The New Years Eve Party

When the little red alarm clock said 11.30 pm Thomas and Dragon slipped out of the bedroom window and flew straight up into the sky, heading North. They flew over beautiful lakes, and tall fir trees, towering snow capped mountains, and dark forests until they came to a land made entirely of ice. Dragon was flying low so that they could see this new land more closely. There were trees made of ice, with sharp jagged branches with dangerous looking points which Dragon had to swerve to avoid. On the ground the ice-grass stuck straight up with points like knives, so that no person could walk on it. Everything was white, so it was difficult to see where the dangers were. Suddenly Thomas heard a loud roar, and clung more tightly to Dragon’s neck. A huge polar bear with massive paws and long fierce claws had reared up and was right in front of Dragon! Thomas shouted “Look out!” as Dragon raised his head and flew up and over the polar bear. The polar bear seemed to disappear for a moment as it was as white as everything else in this ghostly landscape. Then “ROAR” – another fierce roar came from the polar bear as it’s mighty paw swept Thomas from Dragon’s back and threw him to the icy ground. “Ouch!” Thomas carefully got to his feet as the blades of icy grass tried to penetrate his thick winter boots. Dragon blew a long flame of fire into the cold air and the polar bear breathed freezing air right back and froze Dragon’s flame! Thomas’s eyes were round with surprise, as he shouted “Dragon! Behind you!”

Dragon spun round and advancing across the frozen grassy spikes came an army of ghostly creatures, all of them white against the white background.

There was a White Woolly Mammoth with enormous tusks and a very cross frown on it’s face, a Giant White Winged Eaglehopper with a sharp curved beak and massive four-toed feet – and it hopped and flew in a deadly combination to catch it’s prey! There were hundreds of Chalkysnakyankletwisters, a large flock of  Dartingdoublecrossbeaks which flew very fast from side to side, hurtling this way and that and flicking out their razor sharp tongues to catch the unwary with whip-like tongue-lashes!

Dragon and Thomas stood bravely as this terrible army came closer, then Thomas pulled his fantastic monster fighting sword from it’s scabbard, and Dragon raised his scaly clawed feet and breathed his fiercest flames and the battle began!

Thomas’s sword whirled and flashed as he rushed into the fray, and Dragon swooped and clawed and flapped his mighty wings creating a wind as strong as a hurricane!

Thomas and his Dragon fought tirelessly against all the ice-creatures. Dragon’s flames were melting the dagger-like grass, and warming up the frozen world. All the icy magic was useless when faced with the bravery of the boy and his Dragon.

Before long the ice army was pleading for mercy as the polar bear knelt before them and promised to leave them in peace to continue their journey.

Thomas put his fantastic monster fighting sword back in it’s scabbard then smiled at the polar bear and gave him his hand. The polar bear took Thomas’s hand, shook it and said “Go in peace, you brave and kindly human. We shall not trouble your kind again”. At this, Dragon lowered his scales to make Thomas’s staircase. Thomas climbed quickly until he was once again sitting close against Dragons neck as they swooped around the ice-army waving goodbye then soaring into the starry sky and they didn’t stop until they reached the North Pole.

Santa and all the reindeer were waiting for Thomas and Dragon and cheered when they saw them approach.

“Hurrah!” they cheered, “Glad you could make it!”

There were Elves and Fairies, Nymphs and Goblins, Kindly Ogres and white-bearded dwarves all dancing to wonderful music, played by a reindeer band.

Then everybody danced, with Dancer and Prancer showing their Gangnam style moves, and Dragon dancing a tango with Rudolf. Thomas laughed with delight as he sipped nectar through a straw and ate the biggest hot-dog he had ever had.

At midnight the whole party sang:

Christmas was over, and it had been the Best Christmas Ever! Thomas and Dragon had enjoyed every minute, but a week had passed and it was now the very last day of the year, and tonight would be New Years Eve. Santa and the reindeer had invited Thomas and Dragon to their party at the North Pole and they were really looking forward to going.

Thomas was planning to take his fantastic monster fighting sword and Dragon was practising his dancing – dragons love dancing and making their long tough claws click clack on the hard dance floor.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Crashed poor Santa’s Christmas sleigh

We landed in a garden

Before we’d even got half-way


Then Thomas and his Dragon

Helped Old Santa do his rounds

And we delivered presents

To all the villages and towns

So before the morning light

Stockings all were full

With toys and sweets and chocolate things

Books and paints and angels wings

Thomas and his Dragon

Joined our party for New Year

Dragon danced the tango

With Rudolf the Best Reindeer!

Then, with cries of “Happy New Year!” ringing in their ears, Thomas and Dragon set off for home. Back over the frozen ice-world, over the snow-capped mountains, the tall fir trees and beautiful lakes until they saw Thomas’s house with his open bed-room window. In they flew and Dragon blinked his long eyes sleepily, turned back into a toy and Thomas slipped him under his pillow, hung up his fantastic monster fighting sword, climbed into his cosy bed and was soon fast asleep.

It had been the best New Years Eve ever! zzzzz

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