The Pumpkin Party

“Well! Thank you Thomas!” she exclaimed taking a sip. “Now, we need to get organised today for the Pumpkin Party, don’t we!”

Thomas was so bouncy he could hardly keep still. The party was going to start at 5pm when it got dark, and Thomas and his friends were going to dress up and go out in the dark trick or treating – Thomas was going to wear a ghost outfit and carry a lantern to light the way. It was going to be so much fun!

As the day went on Dad got the largest pumpkin Thomas had ever seen and carved out the flesh until it was hollow. He then carved out two slanted eyes, a triangle nose and a wide mouth with square teeth in it. Then a tealight was placed inside the hollow pumpkin and lit by dad to make sure it worked. It DID! It was fantastic! The pumpkin glowed and looked quite scary! Thomas was thrilled.

Mum had also been busy, making cakes with black icing and bats and Draculas on them,  and ham sandwiches and sausage rolls and Thomas’s favourite egg sandwiches, and decorating the house with balloons shaped like bats and streamers which felt like cobwebs, and making sure that there were plenty of apples for apple bobbing – Thomas wasn’t entirely sure what this was, but it sounded exciting! Thomas carried the Pumpkin Face outside and placed it on the garden wall. That was a signal to his friends that the party was starting! Dad came out and lit the tealight inside the pumpkin and it glowed wonderfully in the dark evening.

At 5pm the doorbell rang and Thomas ran to open it. There stood a Dracula holding a toy black cat! Thomas stared. Dracula stared. Then, walking down the path came a devil with two little horns on his head carrying a pitchfork! The children shouted as they recognised each other and other strange party goers began to arrive. When there were twelve assorted imps, demons, Draculas, bats and ghosts in Thomas’s house, mum called out “Quiet now everybody. It’s time to go out to trick or treat! Make sure you stay in groups of 3, take your torches or lanterns, and stay in this street and the next street. A grown up will be at the top of each street so if you need help carrying your treats, just call out. Everybody ready?”

“YES!!!!!” Everybody shouted as they went out into the cold, dark evening air.

Thomas was very excited and jumped out of bed as soon as his bedside clock rattled its loud alarm. Thomas ran into mum and dad’s bedroom and jumped up onto the bed. THUMP! Dad woke up, opened one eye and said sleepily “Hello Thomas, what are you doing up so early?”

“It’s Halloween! Today’s the day of the Pumpkin Party!” Thomas was surprised that dad seemed to have forgotten!

“Oh yes, so it is. Right then Thomas, we have work to do!”

Mum opened her eyes, said “I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea!” and promptly closed her eyes again. Dad got busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the family, and Thomas carried a nice cup of tea very carefully upstairs to mum, who was now sitting up expectantly.

Thomas the Ghost walked with Joe the Scary Dracula and a little Green-faced Witch who whispered her name as Matilda. Thomas couldn’t quite remember Matilda, but thought perhaps she was someone’s sister. He felt a wriggling in his pocket where he had put Dragon. Thomas took Dragon out and said “What is it Dragon? Do you want to trick or treat too?” For answer, Dragon grew to just the same size as the children, and a wide dragony smile showed off his long white pointy teeth. A small belch of flame jumped from his mouth.  The children laughed and set off down the road with Dragon playfully skipping along beside them. They came to a big house with a halloween pumpkin standing on the garden wall. This was a signal that they could ask for trick or treat!

Ghost, Dracula, Witch and Dragon walked warily up to the big front door. “You do it!” everyone jostled and pushed, giggling and excited. Thomas pressed the bell. The door creaked open slowly. “Yes?” croaked an old old woman, with a toothless smile. “Trick or treat!” the Ghost, Dracula, Witch and Dragon all chorused (fingers crossed they could have a treat). “Well, you are very lucky” the old woman cackled and handed each of the children a sticky toffee apple. “What about your friend? Are you shy? It’s a very good costume you’re wearing” she went on “Come on now, come and get your toffee apple!” Dragon hopped forward, and Thomas quickly took the toffee apple from the old woman, and said “He doesn’t speak English, thank you!” and then they all hurried away as fast as they could.

The old woman stroked her long pointy chin and clicked her fingers sharply. A broomstick came flying towards her and swooped to a halt outside the front door, hovering low until the old woman jumped on to the broomstick , leaned forward and croaked “Follow those children!” Broomstick  accelerated and soared up above the rooftops until the old woman shouted out “There they are! Just stay above them for a while!” Broomstick knew just what to do, and slowed down until he was just keeping pace with the children but was still way up above the rooftops of the town.

Thomas was happy. He and Joe and Matilda all had lots of good treats to take home and they had squirted their water pistols at Mr Jones of number 12 who asked for a trick! Dragon had got quite excited and let a little burst of fire spring out! It was so funny! Now it was time to start walking back home for the Pumpkin Party. As they turned for home Thomas and Joe heard a loud cackle from the sky. They looked up and there was the old woman, a real live witch, on a broomstick and flying straight towards them!  The witch had a green face, warts on her long droopy nose and a pointed chin. She had very long skinny fingers with long black nails and was wearing a black cloak and a tall black pointy hat! The two boys looked at Matilda. She looked the same as the old woman witch! “Dragon Dragon!!” Thomas shouted loudly, and Dragon grew to his witch fighting size! Thomas and Joe pointed their water pistols at the old woman witch as she climbed off her broomstick and came close. Matilda flung her arms around the witch and cried “Grandma! I’ve had the most brilliant fun! Thomas and Joe and Dragon will be my best friends forever!” The old woman witch hugged Matilda and smiled her toothless smile at the boys and Dragon.

“Thank you for letting Matilda come with you on your trick or treating night – she usually has to stay inside on Halloween you see, it can be a little difficult for witches at this time of year!” Matilda beamed happily at Thomas and Joe and Dragon and said in a little whispery voice “Thank you”.

Thomas was amazed. He and Joe had spent their time trick or treating with a real dragon and a real witch! This was AWESOME! Joe took a deep breath and said “Why don’t you come with us to the Pumpkin party – it’s going to be brilliant! You are our friend now!”

Matilda looked at her Grandma and said “Please?” Grandma nodded, and Dragon breathed a friendly puff of fire, lowered his scales, and the children all climbed onto his back. Dragon and Grandma Witch looked at each other and passed their thoughts that all would be well. Then Dragon soared into the sky and swooped around three times before landing with a bump outside Thomas’s house. Then Ghost, Dracula and Witch all climbed down the Dragon scales and walked past the glowing pumpkin towards the sounds of noise and laughter coming from the house.  Thomas, Joe, Matilda and Dragon went inside and joined all the other children for the party. They danced, played Twister, Murder in the Dark, Hide and Seek, and ducked their faces under the water to catch the apples bobbbing on the surface, (Dragon decided not to do this as it was not a good idea for dragons to get all wet!) and ate all the delicious party food that mum had laid out. It was the very best Pumpkin Party ever! All the other children were so surprised when Matilda’s grandma called to collect her – they thought she had dressed up as a witch and looked just the same as Matilda! They were even more surprised when Grandma and Matilda jumped onto their broomsticks and soared into the sky and flew away!

Thomas and Joe went back into the house with Dragon. Dragon gave a blink of his long yellow eyes, yawned a smoky yawn and shrank down to toy size. Thomas popped him into his pocket. All the other children had been collected by their parents and it was time for Thomas and Joe to say goodbye to each other. They agreed it had been the very best Halloween ever, and went to bed to dream their dreams and to plan their next adventure.

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