Thomas and Joe Meet The Alien

“Nearly there Thomas” his mummy called out “Are you still awake?”

“Of course I am,” Thomas said indignantly, “Did you think I was asleep?”

“Well, you’re very quiet” mummy answered, “You’ve hardly said a word in the last half-hour!”

“I was just thinking” explained Thomas “How much longer now Mummy?”

“About five minutes actually” came the reply, “ Look I’m just turning into their street now!”

The little car was quickly parked outside Joe’s house and Joe came running down the path to see Thomas. “I’m glad to see you,” said Joe quietly, “Come with me and I’ll tell you all about what’s happening!”

The two boys rushed into the house and left the two mummies to chat and make tea.

“Right,” said Thomas, “Have you seen the Aliens?”

“Oh yes” answered Joe.”They are very tall, they have green hair and they are transparent. If you don’t know about them they are very hard to see! They are very sneaky and will creep into the kitchen and eat our bread and cakes. They also hide our toys, and spoil our homework! What’s more, they try to trip up people and also pull their hair!”

“We’ll have to make a plan, but what?” gasped Thomas, feeling worried that these aliens were already becoming very troublesome. “I’ve brought my alien gun with me, have you got one Joe?”

“Yes, I’ve just got one today, so let’s get ready”

Thomas and Joe quickly got changed into their alien fighting outfits. They had special white tracksuits with “Alien Fighter” badges on the sleeves. They each had a shield made from saucepan lids, and they tucked their guns into the waistbands of their trousers.

“First we have to go downstairs to the kitchen, and make sure they are not there” Joe suggested. “Then we can check the garden”.

“Well, Aliens can disguise themselves very well,” said Thomas “so we have to look very carefully in all the corners. I think I’ll take my dragon with me, just in case we need him” Thomas tucked dragon carefully into a hidden pocket in his tracksuit trousers.

When the two boys got down to the kitchen they noticed that a large yummy looking cake was sitting on a plate in the centre of the table. Thomas’s mummy had brought it with her to share when everyone was having tea.

“Oh no!” whispered Thomas, his eyes very round. “Alien bait!”

“Good”, whispered Joe, “Now’s our chance to get the Aliens!”

Suddenly there was a rushing noise like wind, and the kitchen became very cold and dark. A long green hairy hand reached out from nowhere and pushed Thomas and Joe away from the kitchen table, which was now rising up from the floor and floating towards the open kitchen door.

“Keep back Humans!” a voice hissed like a snake, and a very tall green alien with hair like seaweed and jet black eyes like stones stood in front of the two boys “You won’t see that cake again!”

Joe stepped forward and shouted “ Step away from that cake, Alien!”

Thomas was very proud of how brave Joe was and rushed to help.

“Make the table stop floating NOW!” he shouted.

The Alien paused the table, and lowered it to the floor quite gently so that the cake didn’t fall off. He glared at the two boys. “You two are very troublesome,” he hissed at them with his snakelike voice, “I will have to deal with you!”

Joe and Thomas pulled their Alien guns from their waistbands and pointed them at the horrible green haired alien.

“Get out of our kitchen!” Joe roared, “Or we will shoot!”

The Alien sneered a horrible sneer, reached out a long green arm and snatched Joe off the floor! Joe was lifted high into the air as the Alien made a terrifying gurgling noise (which was an alien laugh!) Joe fired his gun and the Alien brushed off the shot with an angry movement and started to fade so that Thomas thought he would never see Joe again! Quickly Thomas pulled his magic dragon from his pocket with a loud call of “Dragon! Dragon!”

Dragon burst into life when he heard the urgency in Thomas’s voice.“Dragon get Joe! The Alien has got him!” Thomas leaped onto Dragons back as he grew and grew. Then Dragon and Thomas faded out through the walls and soared into the sky with Dragon now as big as a pterodactyl.

“There!” shouted Thomas when he spotted the almost transparent Alien holding Joe high in his arms “There he is Dragon!”

“Hold tight!” said Dragon, “We’ve got some speeding to do!”

Thomas wrapped his arms around Dragon’s neck as together they sped to the rescue.

Just as they reached the Alien, who was almost at the entrance to his spacecraft with Joe struggling hard to get free and punching the Aliens arm as hard as he could, Dragon let out a fiery blast which singed the Aliens bottom and the Alien was so surprised he dropped Joe and rushed into his spaceship yelping! The spaceship zoomed away in record time!

Joe let out a yell “ARGHHHH!” as he tumbled towards the ground. Dragon and Thomas swooped down and Joe landed safely on Dragon’s scaly back!

“Wow! Thank you Dragon!” gasped both boys as they hugged each other in relief.

Thomas and Joe now held on tight while Dragon took them on a lovely sky ride across the English Channel and over Paris, where they looked down on the Eiffel Tower, and back across the Channel to London where they saw the London Eye, Big Ben and the River Thames like a ribbon below them. Then Big Ben boomed “Time for Tea!” and Dragon headed for home.

The boys stepped off Dragon’s neck in the garden of Joe’s house. They each gave Dragon a big hug and patted his neck.

“That was the very best Alien fight ever!” They agreed, and dragon blinked his long eyes lazily and yawned a tired dragon yawn and turned back into a toy.

Thomas and Joe went into the kitchen where they found tea was ready, with their favourite lemonade to drink, egg sandwiches and a huge piece of Thomas’s mummy’s homemade cake each.

It was a fine and sunny morning and Thomas was going to stay for a whole week with his cousin, who was also his very best friend. Joe was brave and daring and knew just what to do when confronted with Aliens. Thomas tucked his Alien gun into his rucksack, together with his magic dragon (who could be relied upon to help out when Thomas called out “Dragon Dragon!).

“I’m ready, Mummy,” he called out and eagerly rushed out of the front door and stood by the car while Mummy got her bag and locked the door.

The little car roared along the motorway and Thomas watched out of the windows for signs that they were almost at their destination.

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