Thomas To The Rescue

A little tabby cat emerged from under a hedge and mewed at Thomas. Thomas stopped and stroked the little cat, and scratched her neck for her as she raised her head. “You love that, don’t you Milly” he said, as Milly wound her way around Thomas’s legs. Milly purred and with her tail high, happily skipped back under the hedge.

Thomas continued on his way. He strode sturdily up the hill to the top and turned the corner. He was heading towards Mrs Fairweather’s shop to buy some chocolate with his pocket money, when he heard a cry.

“Come down Jessie, look, biscuits!”

Old Miss Mooney was standing in her garden holding a box of crunchy cat biscuits which she would shake vigorously then call out again while staring up into the branches of a large oak tree. “Jessie, Jessie, come down now”  and she would make little cat noises to try to coax Jessie down.

Thomas tried to see Jessie. He went over to Old Miss Mooney and stood beside her looking up but could not see the little cat.

“I can’t see her” Thomas said to Old Miss Mooney, who pointed to a branch a long way up into the tree,

“There she is! She’s stuck! She’s been up there for hours now!”

Just then Jessie let out a loud wail.

“Oh dear,”  said Old Miss Mooney clutching her throat and sounding very upset. “Jessie Jessie Jessie!” she called again and Jessie wailed louder and climbed higher up the tree.

Thomas said brightly, “I think I can help you Miss Mooney!”

Old Miss Mooney looked at Thomas and said kindly “Oh Thomas, I couldn’t possibly ask a little boy to climb up so high – not even a boy as brave as you!”

Thomas took his magic dragon out of his shorts pocket and whispered “Dragon Dragon”  (This was the way that Thomas called to his dragon for help.)

Dragon opened his long eyes, blinked slowly and grew until he was as big as a man.

“You called me?” asked the Dragon and Thomas explained

“Miss Mooney’s pet cat is stuck in the oak tree, we have to help!”

Dragon lowered one wing to the ground and said

“Hop on Thomas, this is a job for both of us”

Thomas stepped on to Dragon’s wing. Dragon raised him up until he could step off the wing and onto Dragon’s neck.

Old Miss Mooney was staring open mouthed at the dragon, now as large as an elephant, and Thomas sitting astride his neck.

“Here we go” shouted Dragon “Hold on Thomas!”

Dragon soared into the sky and circled around until Thomas shouted out

“There she is, Dragon, there’s Jessie!”

Jessie looked very frightened, she was now at the top of the enormous tree and was clinging to a branch which was swaying in the breeze. Jessie’s ears were flat and she wailed loudly.

Dragon murmured “estoftamikitnobotgotomoon”  in a soft, sweet, dragon lullaby and Jessie became calm and quiet.

Dragon hovered above the tree, then very carefully Thomas lowered himself off Dragon’s neck and stepped onto a stairway which Dragon had made with his scales! As Thomas walked down the scaley steps he spoke softly to Jessie just as Dragon had done.

“Jessie, I’ve come to take you home, don’t be scared” and Jessie gladly snuggled into Thomas’s arms and he carried her up the scaly stairway and onto Dragons neck. “Ok Dragon! Home we go!” shouted Thomas, and Dragon soared into the sky and flew around in a large circle before descending and landing with a soft bump in Old Miss Mooney’s garden. Jessie and Thomas waited until Dragon had made himself smaller and stepped down onto the lawn.

“Oh thank you, thank you!” exclaimed Old Miss Mooney in delight as Jessie purred in her arms and licked her hand with her little rough pink tongue, “How can I ever thank you enough!”

Dragon smiled a fiery smile (little flames were escaping through his teeth!) and Thomas said “No Problem! We are happy to help!”

Then Old Miss Mooney insisted that Thomas should have a large glass of his favourite lemonade and a slice of delicious chocolate cake, and Dragon happily chomped his way through a large bucket of fiery red peppers and chillies.

When they had finished Dragon changed back into a toy with a sleepy blink of his long eyes, and Thomas popped him back into the pocket of his shorts, said “Goodbye” to Old Miss Mooney and Jessie, and set off for home, just in time for tea.

It was a fine and sunny day so Thomas decided to go for a stroll around his neighourhood. He popped his toy yellow and green dragon into his shorts pocket and set off.

Mr Brown was working hard in his garden pulling up weeds and digging the borders around his lawn.

“Good morning Thomas” Mr Brown looked up with a smile as Thomas watched him from the gate. “What are you up to today?”

“Just going for a walk, Mr Brown,” Thomas answered, “Do you need any help with your garden?”

“No, thank you for asking Thomas, I’m almost finished now” Mr Brown smiled again at Thomas who said, “Ok, must get on!” and continued on his way.

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